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Dorothy Donovan Hale & Princess Estelle Bernadotte of Sweden

Count Bernadotte and His Bride Leaving the Church New York Time, December 2, 1928

Before meeting muralist Gardner Hale, Dorothy spent time in Paris taking art classes. She shared a studio with her friend from New York, Estelle Manville, where the two studied and worked in the medium of sculpture.

In 1928, the same year Gardner and Dorothy married, Estelle married Swedish diplomat Count Folke Bernadotte. Read more about Estelle Bernadotte and her legacy.

Incidentally, Princess Victoria Bernadotte's newborn daughter's namesake has been rumored to take inspiration by that of Estelle Manville. Princess Victoria recently held the inauguration ceremony for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm. View the article and images from the event.

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