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Rare Photos of Gardner Hale's Mural Paintings in a Long Island Home

“A true cosmopolitan spirit, Gardner Hale combined the training and aesthetics of Europe with the soul and spirit of America. In everything he did the spirit of decoration was emphasized.” 

This is how Frank Crowninshield, the popular editor of Vanity Fair and a noted art collector himself, described artist Gardner Hale.

 Here are some photos that have resurfaced of Gardner’s exquisite work for a home in Long Island, New York around 1918. Gardner is credited for reintroducing the art of mural painting to America. He study extensively in Europe, but returned to New York in 1917. He was interested in the use of frescos in modern American homes where cement and concrete were being used as the new fashion during that time. He believed these houses should be decorated inside and outside with color. Gardner was the most enthusiastic about a commission that would allow him large wall spaces in which to work. He insisted on grinding his colors, which he always prepared himself to insure the best purity and luminosity.

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